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Pharma Grade Invert Sugar Syrup

This syrup is widely used in Pharmaceutical industry (allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic). It helps to remove the unsavory/unpleasant taste of medicinal syrups. This sweetner is a perfect replacement for regular sugar, enhancing the taste of common syrups like cough syrups, glucose and fructose based intravenous fluids. It is also a great source of instant energy. Pharma Invert Sugar is about 1.25 times sweeter than regular sugar and 1.7 times that of glucose. The taste masking effect combined with anti-crystallization properties has resulted in an extensive usage of invert sugar in the pharma industry.

During the manufacture of Pharma grade invert sugar we take special care to control the acidity and scum. Since we manufacture invert sugar using Enzymatic process, it is a very healthy option. The texture of this grade is a lot more clearer than other grades. Production takes place using modern equipments, under the supervision of qualified chemists and in sanitary conditions. Its sweetness, low toxicity and high purity makes it ideal for Pharma industry and is offered at very competitive prices.

Since we use the inversion process during the production of pharma invert sugar, there is no yeast formation and our product is acid free. We work hard to provide an unmatched quality and our approach has enabled us to spread our reach to both domestic and international customers. We do not make use of plaster of Paris and we perform regular quality checks to ensure the supremacy of our product. Our wide range of invert syrups are used as an additional flavor for syrups and elixirs.

Noted qualities of our Pharma invert sugar include sweetness, taste masking, stability, diluent, more viscosity, low caloric, no fermentation, freezing point depression, ready to use, low turbidity, no foreign odor and a better shelf life. It is an easy way of consuming medicine and hence is a preferred option.

It is always recommended that you should ask for a Pharma Invert Sugar sample and try it out. Once you are satisfied with the quality, only then order additional quantity. Very slight variation from that point should be acceptable, but not by much.

Some Pharma Sugar manufacturers use the (cheaper) single refined sugar and then add carbon during processing. It will cause the syrup to appear as if it was made from double refined sugar, but it will often result in crystallization and a shorter shelf life. Kindly ensure that the base sugar used in this process is always double refined and no carbon (or minimal carbon) is added during the manufacturing process.

Our focus is to incorporate sweetness and health in everybody's life. Our Pharma sugar has almost no ash content, a uniform taste, colour and aroma, high osmotic pressure, more soluble than sugar and gives a better shelf life for your product.  Compared to Sucrose ( regular sugar), invert sugar does not increase your blood sugar level because it does not alter insulin levels of the body.

Pricing - How much does Pharma invert sugar cost?
- Since Pharma sugar is used for medical purpose, it has to be made with great care, takes longer to manufacture and obviously better quality ingredients are used from all other Invert Sugar types.
- It depends on the quantity ordered and distance from our manufacturing plant. Base price is about Rs. 35 per KG.
- Add Rs 2.50 per kg for a 300 Kg drum, Add Rs 4.00 per kg for a 50 KG container.
- No Excise tax (A saving of 12.36% - being a tax exempt unit until year 2020)
- Add CST (1% against C-form) + Freight (Rs. 2 - 4 per kg)
- It will cost about Rs 40 per KG to the Pharma plant/ Distributor.