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Honey Grade Invert Sugar Syrup

Honey grade invert sugar syrup is widely used in honey processing and food processing industry. Chemically, honey is equivalent to invert sugar. It is often mixed with regular honey during packaging. Some people even use invert sugar to feed bees, we not not recommend that. Honey grade invert syrup has similar character to honey and contains Hydroxy Methyl Furfural (HMF) within the restricted / negligible limits. The thickness of Honey grade invert sugar syrup can be alter based on client's needs. Our golden color honey grade sugar is specifically developed to be used in honey.

Manufacturers often mix Honey Invert sugar with natural bee honey to keep up with the demand. We recommend mixing no more than 20% invert sugar in natural honey (please check your state laws if this is even permissible). Production of Honey invert sugar has to be done with utmost care to prevent its solidification. Our trained staff under the supervision of qualified chemists ensure that you get the best quality commercially produced honey sugar syrup.

Pricing - How much does Honey invert sugar cost?
- It depends on the quantity ordered and distance from our manufacturing plant. Base price is about Rs. 36 per KG.
- Add Rs 2.50 per kg for a 300 Kg drum, Add Rs 4.00 per kg for a 50 KG container.
- No Excise tax (A saving of 12.36% - being a tax exempt unit until year 2020)
- CST (1% against C-form) + Freight (2 - 4 per kg)
It will cost about Rs 42 per KG to the Honey manufacturer.

The manufacturing of Honey sugar is a slow and time consuming process. The base sugar used for manufacturing of this syrup is of a very high quality and requires repeated filterations (about 3 times). Additionally preparation is done at lower temperatures to control HMF.

COMPARISON Natural Honey Invert Sugar
Moisture 17% 15%
pH 4% 4 - 5.5%
Fructose 39% 33%
Glucose 31% 36%
Sucrose 1.5% Nil
Maltose 7% Nil
High Sugar + Protein+ Acids > 5% > 1%